Stories of Old

“There’s always room for a story that can
transport people to another place.”
―J.K. Rowling

What do you like to do on cold nights like these? Many a times I find myself wishing I had a kid to snuggle up next to and tell stories to. Like many of you who grew up around stories, my childhood was filled with so much wonder and hope because of the endless story-telling on my grandmother’s part. They are some of the best memories I have of her. Each night I felt I went to sleep in “another place”, and woke up filled with this feeling of inner- happiness that kept me excited about each day. I can honestly say that those short stories helped mold me into who I am today — who is someone I am proud of and proud to be, and I mean that in the humblest way possible. You see, the right kind of stories can build you up, just as much as the wrong kind of stories can break you down. So be very careful of the stories you hear and of the stories you tell, because they do make a difference (big or small). And I can’t help but wonder if people still read and tell stories today as much as they used to— it’ll be a shame if they didn’t, because stories are a wonderful way of learning and teaching life lessons. I do hope you still enjoy a good story every once in a while or whenever life is at an ease. The world has evolved so much it’s hard not to evolve right along with it. But then again that’s why you have bloggers like me, whose blogs are based around stories — because I know how tough it is to get a break nowadays. So when life gets a little bit tough and the world seems almost unbearable, kick your feet up and block out the rest of the world. Escape here for a few minutes and enjoy a good read with me. I will hope that the stories I share with you (yes, don’t worry I will give credit where credit is due) can be of some kind of comfort to you.

I will commit to posting parts of stories I know every other night starting next week— that way we can keep the excitement going. But for now, I hope this short piece can put you at ease or to sleep (if it’s bed-time where you’re at). Have a wonderful day or night.

Sometimes the biggest lessons come in the smallest ways. Yesterday I went to pick up my daughter, Cindy, from school. It was only a couple of minutes away from where we lived so I decided to walk. Once inside the building I quickened my steps towards her classroom to avoid getting drowned out by the crowd of first-graders and their mommies. “So how was school today my little cupcake?” I asked as we started our walk. “Good”, she said smiling up at me. “Good”, I replied. Halfway home, I suddenly remembered I needed to pick up some groceries, so Cindy and I crossed the street and made our way to the market. “Can I get something too mommy?”, Cindy asked wide-eyed. At the register I was surprised to see Cindy placing a bag of apples along with the rest of the shopping. I paid for her apples first then continued on with the rest. Just as I was finishing my purchase I looked over to find Cindy standing behind me with two apples in hand. *Takes out cash from wallet and gives to cashier. “Can I have one please?”, I directed at Cindy. To my surprise, instead of handing me one, she looked up at me then quickly bit into both (not one) of the apples before handing me the one in her left hand. You can imagine my disappointment. I shot her a look and said, “That is not very nice Cindy and you should never do that again.” She looked up at me then at the cashier, blinked and then looked back down at her feet. I was not happy and I could tell she knew because she glanced at me every two minutes as we walked. We finally got home and the kitchen was the first place we headed to. “You can go on up to your room now and think about what you did”, I said as I unpacked the shopping bags. “Mommy?”, she replied, obviously sad. “Yes?” I asked. “Are you mad at me for biting both apples?”, she whispered. I let out a sight and nodded my head at her. “But Mommy, I was only trying to find out which apple tasted better so I could give that one to you.” I nearly choked.

New Beginnings

“To new beginnings!”

What are new beginnings? Is it when you move away and start a new life somewhere else? Or when you finally move on from that unhealthy relationship? Or maybe its when you finally decided to go to the gym. Whatever the definition is for you, we can all agree that “new beginnings” are never really new. Beginnings are a mere extension of our current life — it comes in the form of a new opportunity, face, place or commitment. If you’ve ever sat around and thought, “I need something fresh. Maybe a new start.” Then you’re human and absolutely normal. Because if there is something we all need every once in a while, it’s something new. If you’re a student, like myself, changing things up a bit is a must — or else life gets just a little bit grey. And guess what? Not everything “new” costs money. There are so many new things you can do or get to spice things up without spending a dime. Find a new hobby, or if you already have one, add another. Watch a “new” movie (I just watched “White Christmas” in 2018), listen to something new and different, read a new book, magazine or blog! Wear your hair down if you’re always wearing it up (or the other way around). Smack on some lipstick or wear a new shade at least. You see, my point, is that “new beginnings” don’t have to be major and they most certainly don’t have to wait until the New Year. My brother, who is in the Army, told me something a few years back, that really got me thinking about the concept of new beginnings. He said, having dinner at a nice restaurant (not too pricy), every last Sunday of the month with his family , reminds him that life is still new and exciting. Now you can interpret that any way you like, but here’s what I think (assuming you want to know). I know my brother and his family, and they are traditional-people, in a sense that they value home life, family time, home cooked meals and a very quiet, peaceful life above all else. So when they do go out for dinner on those Sunday nights, everything changes for them. A new scene, new faces, new food, new places equals new stories! Yes new stories! Now you might not be one to sit around and talk stories, but maybe you can read them. A simple new story makes a lot of difference, especially when life gets a bit dull. Now I’m not suggesting you go and do the same thing he’s doing, I’m only saying that you can keep your own life “new and exciting” as well by doing the simplest of things. So, ladies (and gentlemen if any)…. don’t get too caught up in the routine of everyday life,go find something new to do! Start reading a new blog (hint, hint) or start one yourself!

*When life’s a little to harsh on you remember my motto, “it’s only a bad day, not a bad life.”